*If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, I requires a minimum of 24-hours notice.  Because I am by appointment only,  I'd like to ask you to acknowledge and respect that last minute changes to appointments affect not only me but my other clients as well.  By giving me a minimum of 24 hours advance notice, this allows enough time to for another client to fill that slot.  You may text, call (be sure to leave a voicemail), 255.5205, or e-mail me at wildheartwellnessri@gmail.com as early as possible.

Emergencies do happen and sometimes at the last minute, If an emergency should arise please call ASAP.

If a client repeatedly cancels with less than a 24-hour notice or is a “NO-SHOW”, I reserve the right to refuse services in the future. 

If there is a bad storm your session may have to be rescheduled!

Late arrivals:  Please understand that arriving late will limit the time available for your massage, due to the fact that massage are booked back to back.   Therefore this may lessen your results and satisfaction.  Regardless of the length of the treatment, late arrivals will be responsible for the full session. Please plan accordingly and try to be on time.


Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your initial appointment. This will allow enough time to fill out paperwork, before your treatment. Please turn off your cell phone or put it on silent, and try to please speak somewhat quiet as there are other businesses going on next to my room. 

 *Your massage is strictly therapeutic and non-sexual in nature.  Should anything inappropriate arise or happen during your treatment, your session will be terminated immediately and full payment will be due before you leave.  And you will not be able to re-book any future appointments.

If something is bothering you (you're cold/hot, you don't like the music, the pressure is too light/ too deep, etc.), please be sure to let me know! Otherwise I won't have the opportunity to fix it for you. My goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible this is your appointment and your time to relax!

Do not get a massage if you have a cold or flu! Not only could you pass it on to someone else, but massage promotes circulation of the blood and lymph system and could actually make you feel WORSE!

You may get undressed to your comfort level. This means that if you are okay with wearing nothing or If you'd rather keep your undergarments on.  You will be covered the entire time with a sheet and blanket, except for the area that I'm working on. 


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